Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Services

WellPoint Pharmacy's nationally recognized Medicare Set-Aside prescription program was developed to address the unique needs of clients with MSA accounts. Our goal is to fulfill and deliver prescriptions affordably and efficiently, which helps you reduce expenses, protect MSA funds, and eliminate the stress of dealing with MSA prescription issues on your own. We provide peace of mind.

We know pharmacy costs play a critical role in maintaining the funds in your MSA account. That's why we work with your physicians, insurance carriers and even attorneys, so you get the pharmaceutical service you desire and the value you deserve.

Prescriptions Filled Quickly, Accurately and Affordably

  • We handle all delivery, tracking, record keeping and payments
  • Convenient, FREE home delivery options in most states
  • Competitive and predictable pharmacy costs
  • Access to a dedicated team of clinically-trained pharmacists 24/7
  • Refill Reminder program to stay on track
  • An expert team of insurance and billing specialists with MSA experience