Workers' Compensation and No Fault

WellPoint Pharmacy is your premier provider for workers' compensation and No Fault/Auto Accident pharmacy services. Our experienced, caring pharmacy staff works every day to take the hassle out of pharmacy for the injured worker or driver, physician, and attorney. Being injured on the job or hurt in a car accident can be difficult and often confusing. Let us help. Contact WellPoint to learn more about our services for injured workers.


  • Convenient, free home delivery
  • Paperless claim submissions
  • Fast and accurate, hassle-free pharmacy service
  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency service
  • Full pain management compounding services


Once provided with your information, we'll:

  • 1. Work to fill your prescription within 24 hours
  • 2. File your claim electronically with your carrier
  • 3. Offer prompt, free home delivery (emergency same-day if needed at no cost to you)


WellPoint has an established and effective process to verify eligibility for workers' comp and auto injury claims.

  • Collect Patient Demographics
  • Contact Physician to Confirm Receipt
  • Verify Employer and Insurance Carrier Information

Prescriptions Filled Quickly, Accurately and Affordably

  • We handle all delivery, tracking, record keeping and payments
  • Convenient, FREE home delivery options in most states
  • Competitive and predictable pharmacy costs
  • Access to a dedicated team of clinically-trained pharmacists 24/7
  • Refill Reminder program to stay on track
  • An expert team of insurance and billing specialists with MSA experience